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heir Raimar Bradt -Fürth-

Raimar Bradt, meanwhile a very good friend, hasFulfilled his big dream in 2022. He said goodbye to his colleagues at bubeundkönig in Nuremberg to open his own shop in Fürth with his own label.
There is no question that I actively supported him there with pictures for his collections and accessories 


You can find details on this in the article by Markus Oess, published in January 2022 in the online magazine FASHION TODAY. 
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Quelle:, Autor: Markus Oess

100 percent made in Germany? At fashion?Yes, says Raimar Bradt, partner and co-founder of the bubeundkönig store in Nuremberg. Now the Fürther is stepping down operationally, opening his own shop and fulfilling a long-cherished dream.​


"My accountant thinks I'm crazy for quitting 'bubeundkönig'. Especially now, when my co-partners and I could reap the fruits of our labor because we have firmly established ourselves in the market with the store,” says Raimar Bradt and laughs. The shop in downtown Nuremberg, which he founded with friends, came through the Corona crisis well and did not lose any sales. "Fewer people come, but those who come spend more money," Raimar explains the result. Apart from that, the three retailers have done a lot, especially via social media, not to get lost even in the lockdowns. The customers of bubeundkönig are particularly receptive via Insta and Co.

Nevertheless, an idea had settled in Raimar's head that he hadn'tmore came off. “I always wanted to open a shop in downtown Fürth. The ball started rolling nine months ago when I happened to see a vacant property near Fürther Freiheit. That's when the desire to do my own thing became overwhelming: 100 percent Raimar Bradt," he says.

In his store, Raimar wants to offer menswear, womenswear and lifestyle products that are all made in Germany. Behind this lies the desire to preserve a piece of tradition and craftsmanship in Germany and to support the brands that are setting up production here today. The store needed a name. Raimar actually wanted to dedicate the store to his daughter, but started thinking when he realized that her siblings might not like it. Instead, Raimar had another idea. His initials RB spelled out the word heritage aloud. "I already have the feeling that I can pass something on," says Raimar.

Now he's just happy that it's starting. However, it was still a few months before that happened. “I don't see my new store as competing with 'bubeundkönig'. Of course I also take stamps over with me. But I think we complement each other more and are part of a common community.” When shopping for womenswear, Raimar relies on the advice of his wife Meike and his sister Brigitte. Brigitte also takes care of the graphics and design, i.e. the logo and the corporate identity. "I just feel like I'm in good hands with her and I have that special bond with her that there is between siblings," says Raimar.

The production in Germany, partly purely regional or even local, is absolutely sustainable for the Fürth and he knows how, by whom and with what use of goods the parts are manufactured. “For example, together with the HILTL company, we made a bag from leftovers from the trouser supplier, which we offer at cost price. We will not have disposable bags. I've been in the business long enough to know that there are a lot of people out there who are looking for exactly this fashion and who are willing to pay a price to get it. I visited my suppliers locally and saw how they work. It's a whole different thing when you can exchange ideas with the brand owners and discuss how the parts can be made that little bit hotter," says Raimar.

His favorite supplier of hats, Bullani in Bamberg, is there, as is Brütting shoes, also in Bamberg; Ascot in Krefeld makes ties for eRBe. "I am particularly pleased that Max Pötzelberger from Hamburg-St. Pauli supplied. We have agreed that he will make one-offs if customers want it – really cool!” emphasizes Raimar. The jackets cost between 319 euros and 539 euros. However, if required, they are custom-made and completely "made in Germany". Of course, he does not yet have 100% access to the entire supply chain and all raw materials. “But we can manage 60 percent. I think it's a good value, and what we've been able to record so far is absolutely safe," says Raimar. Other suppliers include BLAUMANN, Merz b. Schwanen, ANTJE ASCHEMANN and Kaweco.

Raimar has meanwhile withdrawn operationally from bubeundkönig, but he is still a partner. The boys, Steven Kautler and Sandro Nuzzo, weren't exactly happy when he told them about his planned exit, he says. On the other hand, they also fully understand. “You are a retailer yourself with passion. And they know that when I'm passionate about something, I can't be dissuaded from it. It is certain that I will open my shop at the end of February 2022,” says Raimar. Of course there are better times than opening a new shop in a pandemic. "But it's like having children: there are always current reasons against it, but before you know it, the topic is over," counters Raimar.

As with bubeundkönig, social media will become very important for Raimar. “I have high hopes for our community. Word of mouth is still a proven and very effective means of advertising. We don't have the money for big campaigns. But everyone who recommends us helps us a great deal, because such contacts are priceless. I'm also a big fan of guerrilla marketing,” says Raimar. There will be an online shop. You can no longer do without it in retail, as a shop window for the world and as an alternative sales channel. Especially if there are store closures again, as in the recent past. "My optimism remains unbroken: eRBe will be a success!" says Raimar.

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