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What interests me is this certain reality behind the facade.

Peter Lindbergh

Since around 18 For years I have been photographing portraits, fashion, nudes and sensual. I do not pursue any commercial purpose with my images and allow myself the luxury of being able to implement image ideas in my free time. In 2018, I discovered a new photographic area that I find very inspiring and exciting and which I have included in my portfolio: the artist scene. 

If you have the time and desire, take a look around here and get a personal impression of my previous work.


It would be a pleasure for me.


Markus Keck


Many thanks to my wife Ruth for the profile picture. Taken in 2021 with a Leica M10. Based on a portrait of Helmut Newton. Unfortunately, I wasn't as cool with my facial expressions as he was.


What we do with body and soul in our youth often stays with us well into adulthood. My father, who captured all family celebrations with pictures, introduced me to photography when I was 14. I was allowed to borrow his camera and just take photos. My first pictures were taken and love was kindled. 

But as is the case in life, sometimes you lose your focus, only to find it again. During my forty years of work, including twenty years as managing director of a craft company in the air conditioning and refrigeration industry, I rediscovered my passion for digital photography in 2006. Through getting to know a photography community, the desire to pursue my hobby more intensively arose.


In addition to my family and sailing, photography is my greatest passion, which I have improved with self-taught coaching and workshops, including with the photographer Rainer Matthias Gillessen in Crete, the photographer GABO in Berlin and the photographer Anatol Kotte. I always try to do everything I do as professionally as possible. I wouldn't be a technician if I didn't constantly work on my entire workflow. This also includes hours of post-processing until the result is consistent. For me, an image is finished when it can be printed in high quality.


With my Leica M11 and Leica SL2 cameras and various lenses, I now primarily photograph people, from portraits to fashion to nude and sensual photography. I also often work with outstanding people in the field of art and culture. In 2018 I was hired for the Nuremberg city musical and have since accompanied the productions “Soul Merchant” and “Effi Briest – the Musical”.


What has always fascinated me is the beauty of a person. Mostly a subjective impression. Depending on the culture, there are certain characteristics by which we define a person as particularly beautiful. Facial attractiveness is measured based on geometric principles, but it is also given to us naturally. As a photographer, I often work with young, beautiful people. I'm always interested in the essence, the character behind the beautiful facade. 


The experiences they have every day and how they think about life today. This keeps me young and makes me believe in a good future. Our open exchange creates the necessary trust that is needed between model and photographer to create good pictures.

I call it “photographer’s love” – because I have to like the people I work with. Unique images can only be created through love for the craft, the work and the person. I see the meaning in working with people and always try to discover the creative world for myself.

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