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LEICA - The essentials

I have been taking photos with LEICA cameras since 2016. After borrowing a Leica Q2, my photographer heart discovered a new passion. Not just another camera, but also the feeling of holding something very special in your hand to take pictures with. I couldn't get this feeling out of my head and in 2019 I decided to part with my other camera equipment in order to only take pictures with LEICA cameras.

I am currently accompanied by a Leica M11 and a Leica SL2 with different fixed focal lengths. I'm happy every time I pick up one of the cameras.

There is no rationale for this Explanation. I was also able to take excellent pictures with my previous camera system.

An image film from LEICA describes it very well what, in addition to the technology, can also be felt when you hold a Leica camera in your hand.

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