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Erotic shots have nothing to do with "nude photos" or even "pornography". Playing with light and shadow, with disguise, beautiful fabrics and sensual expression is an art that ignores the all too obvious.

Of course, provocative images also belong in this category. These types of images are intended to reflexively create a personal opinion when viewed. I don't care if it's positive or negative. If you find a deeper meaning in some of the images, please let me know. I am very excited!

A good friend and photographer told me: "Symmetry is  the art of the stupid". You will also find "stupid" pictures in this category.

In the Black/White gallery you will only find photos without visual color information. But monochrome images are much more than just photos from which the color has disappeared. The photographs thrive on the play of light and shadow, unfolding their very own aesthetics. They focus the viewer's gaze on the essentials. But see and experience for yourself......

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