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I haven't specialized in any style, I'm open to (almost) everything and I'm happy to venture into "new territory" as long as the model supports the idea.

I am not to be had for pictures that show women in submissive, tied up or revealing poses.

Although I photograph a lot with regular models, I am always looking for new female models for the area 

Portrait, fashion and sensual.

Experience in front of the camera is not mandatory.

I usually photograph on a TfP basis (Time for Print) and only with a contract, which I am happy to send in advance.

Minimum age: 18 years

If you are interested, please just write me oneshort email.

In the message, I would be happy if you briefly describe yourself and state the reason why you are including pictures

want to do to me. A few

Pictures of you would be very helpful for me. They don't have to be professionally created 


Of course, a shoot should primarily be fun.Nevertheless, my focus while taking photos is on the professional development of the picture idea.

Orders for photo spreads

I only take over in individual cases with interesting 



When an appointment for photography is made depends on my available time and the photographic subject.

As a matter of principle, I only take photos with a contract and I value the reliability and punctuality of all people involved.

For certain projects I also book professional models for the nude recording area, against a corresponding Fee.

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