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In 2016 I had my first photographic contact with an artist: the singer and actress Dany Tollemer. Pictures for your portfolio were created in my studio and a new passion flared up in me: creating pictures with people whose passion is the performing arts. In order to achieve perfect image results together, mutual trust is essential, especially in this photographic area. In 2018/2019, we collaborated with other very talented artists from the region: singers, actors, dancers, authors and songwriters such as Sibylle Mantau, Christoph Ackermann, Jo Quirin, Clarissa Bühler, Felicitas Babari, Silvia Ferstl and Carina Krämer . Working photographically with artists became a real enrichment for me, also on a human level.

Further information about the Musical Netzwerk Nürnberg e.V. and the Stadmusical Nürnberg:

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