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My studio is part of the house I live in with my family. It measures approx. 36 square meters and is on the ground floor with a large door to the outside area. Not perfect in terms of size and ceiling height, but it doesn't cost any complex maintenance either. In addition to the studio area, there are ancillary rooms such as the bathroom, changing room, storage room and office. The total area is about 85 square meters. I take photos with a professional flash unit from Richter and various light shapers, as well as with continuous light from Rotolight.

fancy clothes and

Accessories are an integral part of the studio and are always being expanded.

Of course, the models can also bring a selection of their own clothing.

Extraordinary props

to include in a photo series are always welcome, but also available.

For outdoor or location

In addition to natural light, I use a mobile flash unit from Richter with two flash heads, LED light from Rotolight, LED light with light shaper from Nanlite and light reflectors from California Sunbounce.

Music: Another time            Music: LiQDY_bader5cf

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