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Daniel Tollemer


Dany Tollemer is a French actress and singer. She grew up in Chatellerault. At the age of nine she began taking piano lessons  and gaining her first stage experience. Your main goal was to play Theater . From 1999 to 2003 she worked in an independent theater/cabaret group in Châtellerault. For two years, outside of school, she attended the State Circus School Châtelleraults.

She performs regularly and plans to record her next CD this time with a band in the studio. At the same time, she is involved in various artistic projects and also offers workshops (theatre, Hörspielaufnahme...). She has also become a permanent member of the "Daydreamers", Eine Improtheatergruppe from the "Quibble" in Nürnberger Südstadt.

The art of the stage is her way of getting involved in new encounters, beyond her national origin.

(Source: Wikipedia)

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