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A new musical production by the Nuremberg City Musical should start in 2021: Effi Briest - The Musical. Also a premiere in Nuremberg. As the leading actress, the artist Carina Krämer convinced the direction and production management.

In addition to the cover image, extensive image material had to be taken for press, advertising and the program booklet.

Unfortunately, the development of the pandemic forced the production management with a heavy heart to postpone the planned 2021/2022 season by a year a few weeks before the start of the game. A bitter decision for everyone involved.

However, the cast used the freed up time to record a CD with the music in the studio with the support of the two composers, Philipp Polzin and Christian D. Dellacher. This is how I came up with my first CD cover image. The music recorded received a very positive response on streaming services. The season lasted from November 26th, 2022 to January 8th, 2023 with growing success, even beyond the borders of Nuremberg and Franconia.

Press reviews:

"An impressive achievement at the interface of seriousness, tension and emotion" (Mittelbayerische Zeitung)

"Effi Briest: Strongly played female tragedy in the Holy Spirit Hall" (Photo report by Hans von Draminski - Nürnberger Nachrichten)

The piece, written by the renowned musical composers Philipp Polzin and Christian D. Dellacher, is based on the novel by Theodor Fontane, which became a global success. A story full of passion and twists until the dramatic finale that has everything a good musical needs. It tells the story of young Effi, who dares to rebel against the constraints of her time. The spirit of optimism of the Wilhelmine era is rousing. At the same time, the inhumanity of a society full of conventions leaves you speechless. But where words are lacking, music speaks.

The ensemble

Text: Nuremberg City Musical

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